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season openers and that will be against the giants team. the g-men won six straight against the men in burgundy and goal. the restins are a changed team. the new players, no distractions and an leave all different attitude. -- attitude. the giants the same after a 10- 6 year. >> and that is going to be a battle. it's going to be a fight until will clocks strike zero. >> a broad side to play. you have to be in the preseason, so, i think the guys are interested to see how, you know, this is going to turn out. and we're looking forward to it. >> we're excited for a new year. i know we have been saying that for some time and i feel like in the preseason, there is a different feel in the locker room. how many -- when it equates to, i don't know and i know that guys are hungry and ready to role. >> reviewing the last six
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meetings between the skins and giants, all new york in the win column and with two vickors. the redskins look for the first home victory against the g-men since 2005. and frank beamer and virginia tech. paying a visit to east carol sign a. be check him out, makes the one-handed pick and stays, pretty flashy there and third quarter, sep-3. ogle i have on the rush and goes ref yards to the one and he would punch -- 11-yards to the one and he would pug error error it in and tied at 10 and this time up the middle. and rushed for 241 yards, beating ecu, 17-10. thing and in virginia on the road against indiana. the caps built a 23-3 lead. in the fourth quarter, 23-17
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and terry jones, the ball is loose and lawrence burnet, the scoop and is scooting out of there. takes the distance, 54 yards for the touchdown. indiana in front and 24-23. so we go late in the game. and that is tied 31-31. edward wrightbakeer never sees camionson and strips him. it's uvas ball. the final play. connor randolph, no pressure. the game-wing 23-yard goal is good for virginia and improving to 2-0. howard and moorehouse at rfk stadium. the inaugural nation's football klack. first quarter, the -- football classic. if the quarter, the 18-yard td. the first score of the game, up 5 at the half. the third quarter, howard down 11, greg mcgee to a wide open brandon flanagan. a 29-yard t.d. and howard is down 3 and in that fourth quarter, hits
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carter 23 yards and over morhouse, 30-27 and giving the receiver a win. >> oh, man and i wanted more for the fans. [ cheering ] >> and with that business and to get them and with the magnitude and another university. howard university and putting the name on them now. >> another quick score, navy beats western kentucky, 40-14. time for a quick break. when we come back, the nats facing the one of the team in baseball and looking bad. the high and low lights next. ♪
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>> welcome back. the nationals entered today's matchup 10 games under 500 that is nothing compared to the astros who are 48 games under 500. >> and a milestone they would rather not reach. with the top three, joplinon and a bases-loaded jam. with a chopper to the left side. heals it and throws home. a little bit and actually a lot of it is wild. two runs with the score and
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makes it 5-0, houston. the next pitch, carlos cor cor an, the perfect suicide -- corcoran. the perfect squeeze. with six runs in the inn. bottom 6th, 8-2 and digs one out to the opposite feel and that is the team-leading 23th home run. the solo shot and the bright spot in the nats, 9-3 loss. afterwards, the critical throwing error. >> and more time. and get me out. i should get the ball going and happened so fast, you know, you want to get it out there and i think i have more time than i thought. >> take it off. the orioles and blue jays mother of the -- north of the border. individual guerrero hack -- vlad guerrero hacking away. robert endino, you can take your time to score and they took a few-3 lead and to the
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bottom of the 9th. the jays down to the final out. jt aaron, delivering the sing -- the pinch hit robe single to left. and redskins share 9/11 and the anticipation of tomorrow's 10-year anniversary game. stick around. 
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>> welcome back. tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and marks the season opener for the redskins as they host the giants, two teams representing two cities and on september 11th, 2001. a plane crashed into the world trade center in new york. >> i remember. >> i think we had the terrorist act of the portions that we can not begin to imagine at this juncture. >> i remembered. >> terrorist act takes can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings butthy can't touch the foundation of america. >> i -- but they can't touch the foundations of america. i remember. >> reporter: it was 10 years ago and fees more like yesterday. september 11th, 2001. nearly 3,000 innocent lives taken in an instant. tomorrow, two football teams will play in their honor. one from d.c., another from new york. >> i am from new york, so, i
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was sitting and they came in and -- what do you mean? a car, someone threw something toward me. and -- the crash and . >> i was sitting when i found out and that is one of the things you don't forget where you were. >> the high school. i would like the high school anding else going to do that and just when -- and with that. you want to call the friend, okay, your friends and loved ones. you can't leave and left the -- let the whole school down. >> and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are forever engrained in our memory. perhaps her in d.c. and new york more than anywhere. now, 10 years later, the redskins open up their seasons in our nation's capitol, playing for and at the same time against the new york giants. >> and it's a very important game for both cities and both a lot. the 15s and i am -- the fans.
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i am sure it will be emotional knowing what happened back then 10 years ago j. and always big and you have two teams who -- that tragedy. and in both places. definitely something -- . >> and for 60 minutes, the red63s and. >> thes will battle each other on the football fee. when the final whistle close -- blows, the two teams will stand united like the nation did one decade ago. >> i will never forget it. i will never forget it. we have got to go. thank you for watching. remember, join us tomorrow. dave feldman, doc walker and i, redskins pregame at 11:30. good night.
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